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Experts in creating mobile hospitality units and offering the best catering services.

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Specialists in turning first-class corporate spaces into unique experiences around the world.

Hospitality was born in 1993 with the clear purpose of providing a quality service to its clients without their location being a conditioning factor. This project was built under four fundamental pillars:

Spirit of service, perfection in execution, efficiency and passion for work.

Until today, with hundreds of services around Europe, these and new values such as sustainability, teamwork and transparency remain our foundation bases. The trust our customers put on us year after year endorses us as a model in the sector.




Precision, efficient design and high technology that ensure the mobility and success of the event.

Mobile corporate spaces that allow you to take an event to locations never before accessible. We have different options; from offering the service for specific events to developing the design of your personalized mobile unit.

Gastroexperiences & CATERING.

After more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we offer an authentic gastronomic experience for this type of event worldwide.

Our catering service offers memorable gastronomic experiences. Our presence and evolution in the catering sector for more than two decades, endorses our ability to guarantee the success of any type of event.

Probably the best experience of
hospitality and catering
in any motor event around the world.

Our experience defines us.