Units Hospitality
mobile corporate.

Mobile corporate spaces for events, which allow unique experiences to be brought to locations never before accessible. We offer an agile and versatile support adaptable to each event.

One Hospitality.

Versatility, comfort and speed define our Hospitality ONE. A space designed to welcome guests and staff that can turn into a bar, a restaurant or a meeting/press room depending on the customer’s needs.

Twin Hospitality.

TWIN is a unit designed for teams requiring two different spaces, such as a bar zone and restaurant, or a restaurant and a conference room — all within the same Hospitality space.


Duplex FIM Hospitality.

In 2016, the new concept of Hospitality Duplex was born. An almost entirely automated unit, with much more restaurant/bar and office space. The truck consists of two floors; a first floor with a terrace and a dining room for 36 people. It also has a sink and a bar area to serve drinks and enable this with a buffet area. The upper floor has a meeting room for 12 people, an open work area for three people and two more offices.

Thanks to its versatility and spaciousness, the possibilities with this unit are endless. In addition, the degree of automation significantly reduces assembly and disassembly time.

HRC MotoGP Hospitality.

HRC hospitality is used in the 12 European Grands Prix in MotoGP. The hospitality consists of two floors; a first floor where it is used by the members of the HRC team and has a capacity of 45 places to eat. The upper floor consists of two sides, the left side is used by the Honda Team Asia and the other area is used as a rest and interview area.


McLaren hospitality opens in 2023 with the idea of receiving all the members of the McLaren Trophy. The hospitality is distributed in a trailer with a tent on the right side intended for a restaurant area, and a Hangar-type tent on the left side where a large bar is housed. The upper area of the truck is used as a work area. It also has two terraces on both sides. This trailer is joined by another at the rear, where the kitchen and work area are located.

Exclusive Duplex GT World Challenge Hospitality.

Hospitality has designed this mobile unit for the BlancPain GT Series together with the renowned Swiss watch brand, BlancPain.

Composed of a two-story truck where the main floor is used as a reception and bar service with an extensive terrace. The upper floor has four zones: two offices, a meeting room for 10 people, and an open space with three tables and a living room. The tent attached to this 200-square-meter truck has a capacity of approximately 130 people, along with a terrace and a bar area where all kinds of drinks and the successful cocktail are served; Spritz Aperol.

This hospitality is a very versatile mobile unit, since it can be assembled with only the truck for smaller events and the complete assembly, truck with tent, for events where hundreds of people are invited.

Jota Sport Hospitality.

The Jota Hertz Racing Team hospitality opens in 2023 with the idea of offering hospitality and catering service to the team and Hertz's most VIP guests in the renowned WEC championship. This hospitality consists of one side, where it locates a bar and a restaurant for 50 people.