Corporate Social Responsibility.


What makes Hospitality great is our team. We are working hard to raise awareness among our team so that we all align with our principles, focusing on sustainability as a priority matter. A series of training courses in sustainability, sustainable gastronomy, climate impact, carbon footprint reduction and offsetting, amongst others, will take place in early 2023 as a part of the sustainability strategy we are building, guided by a specialist consultancy company.


We are making significant progress in terms of sustainability. Knowing our company from its core to be able to adopt sustainability through a 360º scan identifying and materialising critical areas was our first step. We are developing our sustainability strategy; consequently, we are establishing objectives and policies that help us comply. We also consider the training of our team a cornerstone of our efforts in sustainability.


Now. We recognise the need of our stakeholders for a proactive change towards a more sustainable business. Therefore, since last year, we decided to concretise our efforts on sustainability and act towards an increasingly conscious and responsible company.


From our headquarters and kitchens in Granollers to our units and hospitality services that move across the continents, our message is clear: We want to offer now the best service we can, thinking of being able to serve in the future.


Spirit of service, perfection in execution, efficiency and passion for our work is our philosophy. That is why since 1992, we have remained a benchmark company in mobile corporate hospitality services. This time, we are taking a step forward and becoming increasingly sustainable to continue the legacy of Javier and Ginés.

Gastronomía sostenible.

An essential part of our hospitality offer is the gastronomic experience. We recognise the need to present gastronomic proposals full of flavour, smell, character, and visually appetising but also responsible. In this sense, and as a conclusion of a recent study by our executive chef, more than 60% of the product used in our gastronomic offer is from proximity. This study also showed us that close to 10% of the product is of local origin wherever we provide services. Impacting positively the communities we visit.

On the other hand, we are very proud to be able to present proposals that contain a high component of Mediterranean gastronomy, that is, the cuisine of our roots. We intend to show our clients the rescue of all that culinary wisdom of the region. We are increasingly aware of the importance of gastronomy in our climate ambitions. We are already in conversations with our suppliers to increase these local and proximity product percentages and thus be able to contribute to the Global Goals actively. We have also participated in food surplus distribution programs within the framework of the KISS programs of our client FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) in coordination with recognised circuits.

Responsible logistics.

Logistics is another fundamental component of our business. We are aware that the transfer of units and staff impacts the environment. Our logistics department works hard to find viable routes in the three spheres of sustainability. In the environmental aspect, courses are sought that are more efficient; Carpooling is another component we use because it is an efficient way to commute and has several environmental benefits. In the social aspect, we actively take care of the driving schedules of the staff as well as the most viable transfer options for them.

On the economic side, a balance is maintained between the cost versus the benefit in such a way that it is a win-win situation. Much work is needed, and we will begin (starting in 2023) to offset our carbon footprint from some of our projects.


Our climate ambitions are being set. One of the most important aspects is that from management to operators, we understand the need for a proactive change that benefits the planet. We are on the road to becoming a purpose-driven company and are very interested in collaborating and contributing to carbon neutralisation projects related to the ocean and biodiversity. It is a work in progress, and we want you to know that we will soon bring excellent news.


The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to transform our world. They are a call to action to contribute to the planet's regeneration actively. Our company must, through the sustainability strategy we are developing, align with these Global Goals. It is time to concretize the isolated actions and mark a north that guides our work.