Our history


We specialize in creating mobile corporate spaces.

Spirit of service, perfection in execution, efficiency and passion for work.

Hospitality was born in 1993 with the clear purpose of providing a quality service to its clients without their location being a determining factor. 

Until today, with hundreds of services around Europe, these and new values such as sustainability, teamwork and transparency remain our foundation bases. The trust our customers put on us year after year endorses us as a model in the sector.

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What makes Hospitality great is our team. Professionals with extensive experience, accustomed to roaming service and full integration into the brand that represents the event.

Hospitality: our history.

“In 1993 Ginés Guirado and I founded Hospitality on four clear pillars: Service spirit, perfection in its execution, efficiency and passion for our job.

Beyond people, these fundamental values remain the same as the day of the foundation. Today, more than ever, these values guarantee our project’s continuity with an emotional reminder towards Ginés

Javier García Blasco – CEO