GUINNESS RECORD in Catalonia circuit!

Montmelo was hosting one of the most special events of the year. It was the perfect place to celebrate Seat 600’s anniversary and pay tribute to it.

Seat 800 and Seat Formichetta, also were invited to be present at the event. It was the biggest gathering of Seat 600 in his history and it beat a Record Guinness with 782 cars. In addition, a diploma was given to the owners to commemorate this fact.

We offered our tailor made mobile unit to Seat. The Hospitality One provided a space for 150 guests over the day. The  gastronomic experience that was offered was based in an open bar and a Mediterranean cuisine buffet. Duck paella with mushrooms and chicken stock, rosted goat rack with its jus and Opera cake with butter cream and coffee with English sauce are some of the different dishes we offered from our mobile kitchens.

Moreover,  public enjoyed during all day some fun activities, food trucks, live music among others.

 It has been such a pleasure to be part of the 60th anniversary of SEAT 600. We hope to see you again!

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