Versatility, comfort and speed define our Hospitality ONE. A space designed to welcome guests and staff that can turn into a bar, a restaurant or a meeting/press room depending on the customer’s needs.


TWIN is a unit designed for teams requiring two different spaces, such as a bar zone and restaurant, or a restaurant and a conference room— all within the same Hospitality space.


Hospitality Hangar varies in its shape and size depending on the customer’s needs. Initially, it consists of a trailer with a 5 x 13.5 m awning (16 x 42.3 feet) on its left side, and a hangar-like awning of the same size on the right side leading to a covered terrace coming out of the truck’s ceiling.

Tailor-made project— Exclusive Duplex

Hospitality has designed this mobile unit for the Blancpain GT Series and for the recognized luxury watch brand, BlancPain.

Tailor-made project— Duplex FIM

In the 2016 season a new concept was born- Hospitality Duplex. A unit almost fully automatized with much more room for a restaurant/bar and offices.

Tailor-made project— Repsol MotoGP

In 2015 we gave a new look to Repsol’s Hospitality, which is used by the Spanish oil company during the world championship MotoGP races.

Simulators Truck- Cloud Sport

A new mobile unit where we have integrated 12 simulators: 8 and 4 simulators in line. In addition, customers can arrange meetings in a spacious office. The purpose of this mobile unit is to offer the possibility to organize e- races in any motorsport event. Actually is taking place in the Formula- E European races.

Your project, tailor-made

Creativity and innovation define Hospitality. That is why besides our standard hospitality units, we offer custom solutions to satisfy even our most demanding customers. Let us know what is you are looking for and together we will create a mobile space, comfortable and versatile, tailor-made for your event.


A simple but effective formula especially conceived for our customers from the motorsport field- a two-awning trailer for two different teams to share. Each team occupies one of the spaces, thus reducing the unit cost during the event. Office and kitchen spaces are also shared in the most efficient way by both teams.